A hell of a time in Jordan

Our class participated at the Brussels Expo-sciences 2014 and won the bilingual prize and the jury prize, which gave the opportunity to five of us to go to the Expo-sciences Asia 2014.

So, the dream team was composed of Justine, Marie, Sandrine (myself), Valère, Jacques and our awesome, amazing, incredible supervisor, Antoine.

  1. DAY 1


After several hours spent on a plane, we finally set foot on Jordan’s ground… To discover that:

  1. As predicted, Jordan was ridiculously hot.
  2. The airport had lost poor Antoine’s suitcase

After complaining about the luggage (spoiler alert: he didn’t get it back before the end of the trip), we headed toward our hotel. We then had some time to settle in, have supper, and after all that we went shopping at the city mall (which was GINORMOUS as you can see on the picture).

  1. DAY 2

In the morning of day 2, we had time to set up our booth at the exhibition center.

And the opening ceremony was held that afternoon, so, of course, we dressed up for the occasion.

We had the pleasure to get a visit from the Belgian ambassador. We were also honored by the Jordan minister of education who visited the expo and listened to the presentations.

  1. DAY 3

Day 3 was the main day of the expo, so a lot of people showed up at our booth and it was always so great explaining our project to them and then hearing their opinion. We certainly learned as much from them than the other way around.

It was also for us a chance to visit the expo, getting to know the other participants and what they had done.

Some projects were… disconcerting.


But they were all very cool.

And finally, after that day of hard work, we went to the Dead Sea (of course, it was amazing).

  1. DAY 4

We had the honor of meeting his Highness the Prince of Jordan, whom visited the expo on its last day.

After the closing ceremony, we went downtown to discover the city and to share a great time together!

  1. Day 5

Day of the trip to Petra.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words,… here they are!


The trip to Petra concluded our stay in Jordan.

Needless to say we’re incredibly grateful to the Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique who granted us the possibility to live this awesome experience.

Also, we want to give a big thank you to all the people who helped us throughout our project, especially to our classmates, without whom none of this would have been possible.