Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi

On 27th and 28th of April, we were standing at the Belgian Expo-Sciences in Brussels with our projects. By winning the first prize, we had the opportunity to go to the MILSET Expo-Sciences International 2013 in September in Abu Dhabi, very exciting! We improved our projects and prepared us for the expo at the United Arab Emirates.

The day of departure. We met the Belgian delegation at the Brussels Airport and flew to Abu Dhabi via Prague.

FRIDAY 09.13:
We arrived at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, where we were shuttled to our hotel, Premier Inn, next to the ADNEC expo halls. We had our lunch after a free time to explore the hotel and the venue.
In the afternoon we visited the Gold Souq.

We prepared our stands at the Expo. Meanwhile, we explored the surroundings of the ADNEC building including the impressive five star hotel of ADNEC: Capital Gate. We discovered a great place: at the 18th floor, there was a bar with a balcony where we had a beautiful view over the landscape around the expo.
During the dinner there was a welcome speech.

SUNDAY 09.15:
The first day at our stands, ESI was open for public. We got in touch with a lot of cultures and interesting projects. Afterwards, we had our rest at the hotel.

MONDAY 09.16:
Our second day at our stands. A lot of schools with pupils of various ages visited the Expo-Sciences International.
In the evening we took a taxi to the seven star luxury hotel at Abu Dhabi: Emirates Palace.

TUESDAY 09.17:
Our last day at the expo, we dismantled our stands. We ended the day with the cultural evening at ADNEC. There we had a chance to get to know the culture of the emirates: there was a henna stand, camels, camel-milk tea stand… as well as to get a sample of every participating countries culture. We have also shared Belgian chocolates with the other participants.

We went to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is a very impressive building. Of course we need to take our shoes off and the girls had to wear an Abaya.
In the afternoon we visited Ferrari World and enjoyed the fastest rollercoaster in the world!
After our last activity at Abu Dhabi, we packed our bags.

We left Abu Dhabi very early in the morning. We flew back to Prague and Brussels.

I want to thank the Belgian Expo- Sciences organisers, they gave us the opportunity to attend the MILSET Expo-Sciences International at Abu Dhabi, which was a very special and educational experience. I also want to thank ESI host, for organising the event very well and also giving us the chance to get to know the culture of Abu Dhabi and a lot of other cultures.
And of course I want to thank Antoine, Thibaut H. and Thibaut V. for guiding us during the journey.

Elisa Heyrman